IBM AIX AdminCourse Duration: 40 Hr

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Course Description

AIX is an open standards-based UNIX operating system developed by IBM for use on many of its various computer platforms. Although AIX incorporates many elements of standard UNIX implementations, it includes some unique features as well, and UNIX systems administrators would benefit from AIX training if their jobs call for those specialized skills.

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  • Familiarity with LDAP and TCP/IP fundamentals
  • Familiarity with JavaScript
  • Basic Linux administrative skills
  • Basic IBM WebSphere Application Server administrative skills


  • AIX Operating System
  • The Shell: User Interface to AIX
  • Useful AIX Utilities
  • AIX Graphical User Interfaces
  • Using the System (1 hour)
  • Logging In and Out
  • Passwords
  • Sending Mail
  • Receiving Mail
  • File Types
  • Listing Directories
  • Long Listing of Files
  • Change of Current Directory
  • Creating Directories
  • Working with Multiple Directories
  • Display Directory Information
  • Copying Files
  • Moving and Renaming Files
  • Listing File contents
  • Linking Files
  • Removing Files
  • Printing Files
  • Changing Permissions (Symbolic Notation)
  • Change Permissions (Octal Notation)
  • Default File Permissions
  • Unmask
  • Introduction to the VI Editor
  • Starting VI
  • Adding Text
  • Existing the Editor
  • Deleting Text
  • Changing Text
  • VI Options
  • The Shell
  • Met characters and Wildcards
  • The Standard Files
  • File Descriptors
  • Input/output Redirection
  • Pipes & Filters
  • Using Shell Variables (1 hour)
  • Shell Variables
  • Listing Variable Settings
  • Shell Variables Example
  • Command Line Parsing
  • What is a Process?
  • Process Environment
  • Variables and Processes
  • Exporting Variables
  • Monitoring Process
  • Terminating Processes
  • Running Long Processes
  • Job Control in the Korn Shell
  • Login Files
  • Sample /etc/environment
  • Sample /etc/profile
  • Environment Variables
  • Using find and find examples
  • Describe basic grep functions
  • Sort, head tail commands
  • FTP tar for backup and restores
  • Describe the functioning of xargs
  • Use of which whence and where binaries
  • Comparing two files using diff
  • Compress uncompress and zcat utilities


  • Login and logout AIX servers
  • File and directories creation
  • Working on different shell in AIX
  • Copy files, move files across directories and servers
  • File and Directories permissions
  • Unmask and sticky bit setting.
  • VI editor
  • Shell and Variables
  • Input Output, Redirections and pipes
  • Exporting variables
  • User id files understanding
  • Monitoring process
  • Search files in AIX
  • Usage of binaries like grep, head, tail
  • Usage of utilities like compress, gzip


The tools you’ll need to attend training are:
  • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher
  • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher
  • Headset, speakers and microphone: You’ll need headphones or speakers to hear instruction clearly, as well as a microphone to talk to others. You can use a headset with a built-in microphone, or separate speakers and microphone.
The trainings are delivered by highly qualified and certified instructors with relevant industry experience.

People from various domains with no prior knowledge of this technology have got successfully trained with us and are now working in the this industry. Though, knowledge of basics is an added advantage.

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