Core JavaCourse Duration: 40 Hr

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Course Description

Core Java training is a foundational course that imparts the fundamental knowledge of developing code using Java programming language. Object-oriented programming concepts, basic structure to create syntax, control statements, and arrays are discussed.

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  • Should have a basic knowledge of oops.


  • What you need to get started
  • The Net beans Software
  • Java Comments
  • The Structure of Java Code
  • How to Run your Java Programs
  • Printing to the Output Window
  • Sharing your programs with others
  • Object Orient Concept
  • Integer Variables in Java
  • Double Variables
  • Short and Float
  • Operator Precedence
  • Java String Variables
  • If Statements in Java
  • If Else Statements
  • Boolean Values
  • Switch Statements
  • Java for Loops
  • Java While Loop
  • Java Arrays
  • Arrays and Loops
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Java and Strings
  • Upper and Lowercase
  • The compare Method
  • The index Of Method
  • The substring Method
  • The equals Method
  • The char At Method
  • The replace Method
  • Describe the terms class, object, attribute, method, and constructor
  • Write code to define a method
  • Access the member variables of a class using the operator
  • Write code to create and initialize an object
  • Use the this keyword to access the “current” object
  • Use of access modifiers
  • Write code to invoke a method of a particular object
  • Write class constructors and invoke particular constructors using keyword
    new with arguments
  • Understand the use of the package and import statements for library access
  • Use the Java Application Programming Interface (API) online documentation
  • Java Methods
  • Calling your Java Methods
  • Passing Values to Methods
  • Multiple Method Parameters
  • Writing your own Java Classes
  • Field Variables
  • The Java Class Constructor
  • Accessing Class Variables
  • More on Java Class Methods
  • Java and Inheritance
  • Error Handling and Exceptions
  • Stack Trace
  • Handling Logic Errors in Java
  • Open and Read a Text File in Java
  • Write to a Text File in Java
  • Java Project
  • Java and Databases
  • Creating a Database with Java
  • Adding Records to Table
  • SQL Commands
  • Connect to a Database with Java code
  • Connecting to the Table
  • Update a Record
  • Add a New Record
  • Save a New Record
  • Delete a Record from a Database


The tools you’ll need to attend training are:
  • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher
  • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher
  • Headset, speakers and microphone: You’ll need headphones or speakers to hear instruction clearly, as well as a microphone to talk to others. You can use a headset with a built-in microphone, or separate speakers and microphone.
The trainings are delivered by highly qualified and certified instructors with relevant industry experience.

People from various domains with no prior knowledge of this technology have got successfully trained with us and are now working in the this industry. Though, knowledge of basics is an added advantage.

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